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sie sind ein echter Freund

Lights flicker and we keep laughing. We make hand gestures like we are deafened when we talk about music. We talk about the surreal parties we want to throw for people we’ll never see again. We inhale|exhale and exhale|inhale and pour light on our dark corners and laugh at its absurdity. We loudly celebrate our quiet triumphs and I acknowledge my sadness and loosen its grip. It’s easy to be grateful despite superficial disappointment in the everyday with friendships like these.

Pi (1998), Darren Aronofsky

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go ahead and say something dumb, boy, there’s no shame

In and out like a flash. I suppose that’s better than a firm grasp that takes years to soften. I don’t remember much other than a soft but i liked you creeping out and betraying the calm and cool that has been keeping summer bearable, and only now does it seem that the amateur was always myself. 



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petals falling on demand

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clean slate

It seemed nearly impossible for the words to stop dancing with each other; we kept talking and talking and talking. The sun creeped up and I got the feeling that you wanted to get all the stories out, all the best ones, anyway. I take breaks to wonder if it is dangerous to enjoy this; the glue holding me together from the cracks of Spring hasn’t set yet, but I fill myself with tenderness anyway. There was a kind of naïveté lingering in the air that felt exciting and sweet. Is this what being appreciated is supposed to feel like, even for a short moment?

Mortuary, Resnik, 2014

Mortuary, Resnik, 2014

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mac demarco

Where did you come from? You smiled at me from far away and suddenly you were everywhere. I’ve been changing my soundscape and I’ve been changing my circular tendencies. I got scared when you asked me if I wanted to smoke outside of that bar because I’ve been there before and I know how that ends. I know how I am not ready. I know how precarious I can be when I’ve dranken fire to blow. But there was a moment when the needle dropped and I realized that a serendipitous moment as such shouldn’t be written off, because your smile is quite nice up close and my thoughts are anything but fleeting.

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Sharon Van Etten – I'm Wrong (429 plays)

Tell me I’m worth all the miles that you put on your car (tell me I’m wrong)

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and there it goes

You gave me six reasons. Six completely shattering reasons why love and us were never a perpendicular occurrence in my sleep. Six different rebuttals to your alibis, six different ways to crumble. All of the anger I’ve collected like firewood to keep myself safe dissipates with your faulty, soft waking words. They drip out of your mouth quietly and I try to hold them close enough to keep my dreams at bay but far enough to see them for what they are. I want to think it could mean something less empty than three months of turning the lights off alone. I need to stop believing in you and start believing in the god-awful geometry that has been staring at me in the dark. 

Jardin Botánico Buenos Aires Argentina.

Jardin Botánico Buenos Aires Argentina.

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